I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then.


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Subway. Buenos Aires (by Daniel Merle)
“In transit. I saw them. Just two kids in love. I got my 135 mm and made one shot”

Benjamin Carbonne

record store 

Ali Michael shot by Petra Collins for Oyster Magazine.

Eduardo Fonseca (Brazil) - Untitled 2, 2012      Paintings: Oil on Canvas

LA billboards giving out life lessons.


the rain fell todayand i sort of envied it.i know what it’s like to fall.but the rain is lucky.it gets to float back upand join the sky. whenit’s done falling, it becomes something magnificent.
"I step on a land mine every morning and spend the rest of the day picking up the pieces."
Ray Bradbury, Learning is solitary pursuit for Bradbury
From the Spartanburg Herald-Journal, October 17, 1990 (via liquidnight)

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"The Kiss 3", Intaglio print (Tiefdruck) by Boris Schmitz, 2014